Check out this girl trying to work off this huge taxi bill. Our horny taxi driver is pretends he doesn’t want her doing this stuff, but our hidden camera is proof she’s been set up by an experienced con artist.


This girl is so cute it’s hard to see why her boyfriend cheated on her. Now she’s angry and wants to make him pay. And if it helps to pay for her taxi ride, she won’t hesitate and does things she otherwise never would.


When our taxi driver tells that cute girl how much she has to pay, she almost starts crying. It’s just way too much. After a while talking, she is more than willing grabbing his cock and giving him a ride of his lifetime!


This girl knows what she wants and how to get it. Even though our fake cab driver planned to seduce her, she surprised him, by making the first move. Saying she doesn’t want to pay for the ride and they should find another way was a clear sign of things to come (cum?)!


This chick deserves no regrets. She tried to run off without paying taxi bill and now she has a choice. Either deal with the cops, or deal with our sleazy drivers cock. I think we all know that will this cutie with slick body choose at the end.

Fake Taxi Review

Fake Taxi Review
Fake Taxi

Taxi is a great way to pick up women. Tell them they have to pay a lot and suddenly they turn into horny machines willing to pay in a different way. Creating fake taxi service was a great idea indeed.